A Little About My Process

So, Why Should You Hire Me?

You need a website that is mobile-responsive to keep up with the way your clients are accessing your site in 2016. You need a professional logo and some amazing business cards to go with it. Or maybe you need a stunning marketing piece to wow your clients.

You need someone with experience to guide you through the process and communicate with you the whole way. When you’re ready to start your next design project, get in touch with me.

Open Communication

Communication is what design is all about. I like to keep an open dialog with my clients throughout the design process to make sure the visual message you’re trying to convey is as effective as it can be.

Listening and Learning

What good is open communication if the audience isn’t listening? I listen to your ideas and more importantly, hear what you’re saying. I try to learn as much as I can about you and your business as an important part of the design process.

Creative Solutions

This is the fun part. I apply what I’ve heard and learned from you to create things that are beautiful and functional, and solve the visual puzzle discussed at the onset of the design process. Design is about collaboration, and is an iterative process. There will be some back and forth, and ultimately, I hope to leave you happy and excited about what we’ve created together.

Ready to Move Forward? Contact Me